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A Complete Graphic designing Intermediate Course

A Complete Graphic designing Intermediate Course

We can define graphic design as the art and process of
combining text and images (figures, photographs, drawings …) to communicate a
message effectively.

Another definition of graphic design, in case the previous
one was too cumbersome: Creative and technical activity that consists of
transmitting ideas through images, especially in books, posters, and brochures

Download the paid course for free. This is a paid course made for graphic designers. Important points about this course are given below.

  • This course is not for beginners.
  • You should have the basic knowledge
    for viewing this course.
  • As this course will enlist some
    important features of graphic designing, which are important to be understood
    before using this course.
  • We will not charge any fee if you
    download it from our site.
  • After this course, you will have an understanding of intermediate graphic
    design techniques.



  • Outlining
    and drop shadow to make text pop
  • The blending
    image which clears using layer masks and
  • Using
    smeared red backgrounds to highlight text.
  • Zooming
    in and lassoing an image
  • Adding
    spreading, converting and undoing color
  • Constructing
    and destructing logos.
  • Using
    the clone tool to fix images
  • Applying
  • A colored butterfly amongst a black and white

Continuing education

  • Shadow
    text, shadow boxes and ghostwriting
    GIMP window configuration.

Basic Knowlage About Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator: the favorite design program

The eternal struggle between what is the best program for
graphic design has a clear winner and is Adobe Illustrator. And that the
competition has not made it easy. With Illustrator you can create high quality
vector graphics that you can use in icons, logos, vector illustrations … and
that you can use in any format: web pages, printed (brochures, visitor cards,
etc), mobile applications …

In addition, with Illustrator you will have all the control when you work with fonts, being able to create true works of typographic art.Undoubtedly it is a graphic design program to create and create everything you imagine and for them it is the most used and most loved.

Experience and salary of the designer

The distortions between general study and quantified
realities of the field become more important when one looks at the salaries of
graphic designers experienced in permanent contracts. If the
“educational” sites, such as L’Etudiant for example, indicate a
possible gross remuneration of 3,000 euros after 10 years of experience, the
professionals themselves recognize that exceeding 2600 – 2700 euros remains a
difficult thing for an experienced graphic designer.

Should we remind that the very profession of a graphic designer is in full development and that this profession is in perpetual evolution concerning what touches digital? To explain this difference, graphic designers like to remember that their profession involves a significant amount of creativity. And a creative, who do not evolve, would not be able to claim an increase in his remuneration?More than experience, it is the ability to evolve that could significantly increase the salary of a designer on CDI.

What does a graphic designer do?

As you may have seen from the definition, a graphic
designer is halfway between the artist and the communicator. Their job is not
always to sell something since there are many specialties of graphic design
beyond the advertising design. We could say that the graphic designer is a
visual communicator.

This is a paid Graphic Designing Complete Tutorial Course which is being made available by our site for free and our site also provide more graphic designing courses. To download this course for free, click on the download button below.

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