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A Complete C# Tutorial Course Free

A Complete C# Tutorial Course Free

C# is designed to be a modern, general purpose, and object-oriented language. we will learn the basics of the c# programming language. we get many key points from other languages like java.C# is a very powerful and valuable programming language. From this course, you will be able to understand its specification and requirements. There are many applications of c# in advance technology. It is used to develop a software for the Microsoft platform.


(1) Introduction

(2) Learning the fundamentals

  • Configuring the layout of visual
  • Create template and run first program
  • Different ways of keeping console
    window open
  • What is a statement a block and a comment?
  • formatting output strings
  • What is a data type and why are they needed?
  • Define a local variable and examine its
  • copying value type variable
  • Define to variables from the
    environment and perform operate on them
  • Difference between dividing integers
    and doubles
  • Interacting with users through the
    command prompt
  • Constants and how they are used
  • Explicit and implicit data

(3) Program flow

  • Checking simple condition with if
    else blocks
  • Repeating blocks of code with while
  • If else blocks with multiple options
  • Repeating blocks of codes with for
  • Do while loop
  • Examining multiple options with
    switch blocks
  • Going through collection with for
    each loops
  • Controlling useful while loops with continue
    and break

(4) Operators

  • And operators
  • OR operators
  • Operators that evaluate and assign
    and nesting control structure
  • Reversing truth values with logic
    negation operator
  • The ternary operators

(5) Array and more

  • Basics Function
  • Defining and using basics arrays
  • Building graphs with array and for
  • Reference type variables and creating
    random numbers
  • Using the ref modifier in function
  • Using out parameters to return multiple
    values from function
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Passing arrays as function arguments
  • Params keywords in function headers
  • Enumeration

(6) Fundamentals of objected oriented programming

  • Create a simple class with a constructor
  • Different between dynamic and Var
  • What is a user defining data type?
  • Create a class with a function and a constructor
  • Dynamic data typing
  • Create a class with two methods and string splitting
  • Sharing data among objects with static fields
  • Creating a simple inheritance hierarchy
  • Is a relationship in object oriented programming?
  • Class functions and objects functions
  • Coding properties
  •  Creating and using virtual method
  •  Abstract classes and functions
  • Improving on arrays with lists
  • Polymorphism
  • Using custom types as parameter data types
  • Overloading operators
  • Encapsulating function with delegates
  • Chaining functions together with action
  • Responding to events with delegates
  •  Coding and implementing interfaces
  • The power of generic interfaces
  • Access modifiers
  • Cleaning strings
  • Events with simple forms and partial classes

(7) Error Handling

  • Try catch finally blocks in graphical
  • Multiple catch blocks

(8) Project with object class functions and graphics

  • Overriding objects equals and get
    hash code
  • Designing the user interface and applying
    stings functions

(9) Miscellaneous topics

  • Turning objects into array with indexer
  • Writing and reading files very simple
  • Controlling low level access with
    using statements
  • Reading and writing files graphical
  • Conditional functions
  • Nullables data types and names
  • Create a dynamic link library and
  • Fully qualified names
  • Display the folders and files in a directory
  •  Build a simple web browser

(10) Modern language features

  • Create and use a generic class
  • List T with predefines types and for
  • Build a custom type database with
  • Using generics dictionaries and a
  • Lambda expressions and lambda
  • Function notation for lambda
    expression and dynamic variables

(11) Database and LINQ basics

  • Download and install SQL server 2014
  • Write code for connecting to databases
  • Search through generic lists with LINQ
  • Using lambda expression in LINQ
  • Use LINQ with XML
  • Use LINQ to search for words in
    graphical applications

(12) WPF basics

  • Simple WPF app
  • Controlling columns and rows
  • Create a simple GUI for displaying
  • Create a more sophisticated WPF app

(13) Threading and asynchrony

  • Create run suspend and join threads
  • Simulate a windows screen saver with
  • Async and a wait for asynchrony

(14) Build a text editor

  • Make the user interface and add dialog
  • Add a dialog for saving
  • Add printing Previewing and printing
    to files

(15) Miscellaneous 

  • Connect a window from to SQL server
    with navigation
  • Serialization example

(16) Small Dashboard Project

  • Build the user interface and synchronize
  • Add com box that gives preview of all

(17) Student answered
the programming competitions

(18) Wrap up

How to learn C#:

There are many websites and institute which gives us more knowledge about the programming languages. In this course, we will learn basics of C# with perfection.

C# Features: 

we will learn many features of c#. Some of the features are following down:

It is a
modern programming language.

It is a
object oriented language.

It has a
rich library and fast speed.

It is easy
to use and modify.

It is a
component oriented language.

Arithmetic operators use in C#:

 +       Adds the two operands

 –        Subtract the second operand from the

 *       Multiply the two operands

 %      Finding the remainder

 /       Divide the two operands

++      Increase the
one integer

—        Decrease the one integer

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