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A Complete Facebook Marketing and Promotions Course

Social Media Marketing

 Web-based social networking itself is a trick all term for destinations that may give fundamentally unique social activities. “For instance, Twitter is a social site proposed to allow people to share short messages or “updates” with others.” Facebook, conversely is an out and out person to a person correspondence site that considers sharing.

Marketing is one of the important parts of an online business and pays an important role in Internet Marketing. In this complete course, you learn all about Facebook marketing and this is the paid course but I will provide you this course free of cost.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction and course scenario
  2. General introduction
  3. What you are going to get from this course
  4. What is the target audience?

  • Facebook marketing psychology

  • Why do people use Facebook
  • What do businesses need from Facebook
  • Why business sometime fail I Facebook and how it becomes successfull

  • Ways psychology can make you Facebook ads unforgettable

  • Overview of 7 ways psychology
  • Way1 always show faces
  • Way2 emotions always win
  • Way3 use red to get attention
  • Way4 make your customer part of the cool crowd
  • Way4 social proof
  • Way4 social contagion
  • Way5 increase a viewer’s dissonance
  • Way6 make you product scarce
  • Way7 use the ultimate words

 How to use ultimate words in your posts and promotions

  • Overview of using ultimate words
  • Using ms-word
  • Using word free
  • Using word because
  • Using word instantly
  • Using word new

  •  Create and manage you first page with Facebook

  • Create your first page on Facebook
  • Customize your page with basic settings
  • Setup your page configuration
  • Add profile picture
  • Add page to favorites
  • Setup your page audience
  • Adda cover for the page
  •  Manage basic contents and setting at the page
  • Add contents to the page

  •  Create your first promotion by boost post

  • Overview of boost post preview
  • Define the targeted audience for the post
  • Configure the budget of promotion and duration
  • Chosethe payment method
  •  This complete Facebook marketing course give you all the ways to do Facebook marketing and this course help you in your businesses and give you success in your business. They are a lot of marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization etc and all of these have its own importance. Facebook marketing is one of the bestmarketing to promote your products or your company on Facebook and gets good responseon your products and many other things.To download “The complete Facebook Marketing andPromotion Course” click on the download button showing below

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