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A Complete Java Course for Beginners

A Complete Java Course for Beginners

Java is an object-oriented programming language which is used for any purpose. It is a machine-independent which is used in web technology. Designing of this language was based on C and C++ which makes to easy for the programmer. Java Virtual Machine which represents many platforms like Window, and Unix computers. Java is used on a web page. It is a general-purpose programming language which has a large number of features. These are features which makes suitable use on a web page and many another purpose. It is easy to use and comprehensive. it helps to create modules and reuse the code.

Course Outline:

Introduction to the course

  1. • About course
    • About author
    • Before starting you need to know Important things

Introduction to java programming language briefly

  • What is a programming language
    • What is java
    • What is machine code
    • What is bytecode
    • What is java virtual machine JVM
    • How does a java application work
    • Java technologies and terms
    • Section 2 summary

Download and settings

• Downloading and Extracting Eclipse
• Downloading and installing java
• Section 3 summary

Using Eclipse IDE part 1

• Introduction to Eclipse plus bonus and changing the appearance of Eclipse
• Using Eclipse workspace plus bonus switching workspaces
• Create and delete projects plus bonus importing an existing project
• Create and delete packages plus a bonus switch package presentation
• Create and delete classes
• Frequently used eclipse IDE shortcuts
• You may like this
• Section 4 summary

Writing First java program ‘Hello JAVA world’

• Step by step process to writing your first java program Hello JAVA World
• Modify your first java program
• Do it yourself Exercise
• A solution of doing it yourself exercise
• summary Analyzing your first java program
• Section 5 Source code

Using Eclipse IDE part 2

• Step by step running a program in detail plus bonus using the console
• List of java exceptions

Data types and Variables

• Introduction to data types
• Primitive data types plus bonus using binary and hexadecimal numbers

Bonus Document

  1. • Java naming convention
    • Quick reference

How Can We Learn Complete Java Language?

There are many websites which give complete information about Java. It is a paid course but we will provide totally free on this website. We will learn complete course about this language then, we are able to use and understand.

Main Features of Java:

There are many features like
• Java is an independent language.
• Java is an object-oriented language.
• it is a Simple.
• It is a Secure.
• Multithreading.
• Distributed.

Independent Language:

It is an independent language because JVM(Java Virtual Machine) can run many platforms like Windows, Linux operating system. In this language, the compiler converts source code into bytecode. Each operating system has different JVM However the output after the execution of bytecode is the same in all operating system.

Object-Oriented Language:

it is an Object Oriented language which is based upon an object in which collection of object and represent an incense of class. Four main concepts of Object Oriented Language in which
• Abstraction
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• polymorphism


Java is the most simple language. It is very easy to use and understand. It is known very comprehensive because it has no complex features like other languages like Multiple Inheritance, and operator Overloading.


In this language, we have not any pointer and we cannot access out of the bound array. That is why It is very secure language.


Java supports multithreading. It is a feature that used for any purposes.
It is a programming language in which we can create a distributed application in java. For example, RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is used in creating a distributed application. Through this feature, we can distribute one or more system which is on the internet.

why Java is used?

Java is a well-known programming language which is used many useful purposes. It is used to create a web application. Designing this language is very flexible which allow the programmer to write a code that would run on any machine or platform. Due to this reason, Java is the most usable and comprehensive language.

What is JAVA Script?

Javascript is a programming language which is used in complex things on the web page. Designing of the web page, display of timetable, and different maps are creating with the help of javascript.

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