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HTML tutorial for beginners course free

HTML and CSS Complete Course Free

 HTML is a language which is used in creating a web. HTML stands for HyperText Markup language. There are many uses in advanced fields. It is used in designing a web page using markup. It is used in representing tags in a web page. There are many tags like Paragraph, headings, tables. From this course, you will be able to understand its basic rules and will enjoy many things and will be able to understand as well. HTML and many other languages that together create the web and make it more interesting. this is the HTML tutorial for beginners course

Course outline:

Getting familiar with HTML and CSS

•             Welcome
to HTML and CSS

•             Building
web pages with HTML and CSS

•             HTML, CSS
and Web Development

HTML the structural foundation of Applications and Web Pages

•             The
basics structure of a web page

•             Image

•             Paragraph

•             Anchor

•             HTML

Make it beautiful with CSS

•             Select
and style by elements

•             Select
and style by class

•             Select
and style multiple elements by class

Adding a new web page

•             Setup an
HTML document

•             Write the

•             Write the

•             Linking
it all up

Some Features of HTML:

There are many features like

             Offline

             Video and
audio streaming support

             CSS3
based animation

             Device

             Advanced
UI components

How can we learn HTML?

There are many websites and Organization which gives us more
knowledge about HTML. In this course, we will learn basics course and it’s a
specification. It is a paid course but we will learn free on this platform.
From this course, we will fully learn and we are able to use it.

How HTML is used?

HTML is a HyperText Markup Language which is used creating
documents, web. It defines the layout and the basic structure of web using many
varieties of tags and attributes in which Headings, Paragraph, Header, Footer
and so on.

How do HTML forms work?  

When we create a web page using HTML then we load the form
page in web browser. A request sending by the browser to the web server. Your
visitor fills the form and submitted. Data which submission form send to the
server. The response is sent back to the browser.

why HTML is used?

It is a markup language which is used to layout and
structure of web page. It is easy to use and very comprehensive. HTML tags and
keywords which is used to display and manage in the content of web page.

why HTML is important?

It is a form of programming language which is used in a web
page and web content. It is used to display the web page on the internet. It is
used in designing of web and interesting to look. Web developer had a learn
coding of HTML for developing a beautiful web page.

What HTML attributes?

There are many attributes which are used like

The href attribute

The src attribute

The width and height attribute

The style attribute

The title attribute

So, there are some attributes which are used in the HTML

 this was a bit information about this Complete HTML tutorial for beginners course . To download this course click on the DOWNLOAD button showing bellow.

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